Business Owner Solutions

Ken Greig - Apr 05, 2022

Many business owners I meet tell me that they have the same problems. The most common ones that I hear are:

“I can’t find good employees,” or

“I can’t seem to keep the good employees.”

“My group benefit premiums are costing me too much.”

“ I know I need to protect the business, but I need the

money to reinvest in my company.”

“ I know I should be buying disability or critical illness protection, but I don’t understand how it works for my company.”

“ What’s the best thing to do with the retained earning

I have in my operating company?”


Business owners also tell me they’re very busy running their businesses on a day-to-day basis and are unaware of what the financial consequences are if they suddenly are not there or cannot work. They don’t know the effect on their families. It is not that they don’t care, it is just they’re not focused on anything other than the success of their business.

My approach to these situations is to look at their circumstances and complete an analysis. I can then identify the exact problems that are of the most concern and make solution-based recommendations. These recommendations may involve different products and services, some of which I can supply and others for which I may recommend other professional advisors like their lawyer or accountant. The business owner can then make an informed decision as to when and how to implement those recommendations.


Below are a list of common problems and some of the possible solutions that can be applied




New group employee plan

Key person protection plan

Group RRSP plan

Profit sharing plan


Group benefit plan

premium reduction

Reduce some benefits/add co-insurance factor

Educate employees with lunch & learns

Quarterly claims reviews


Life insurance need but

cash is reinvested

Immediate finance agreement


Buy/sell agreement with

no funding method

Criss-cross life insurance purchase

Shareholder redemption strategy


Retained earnings in

operating company

Corporate life insurance

Strategy to defer tax on earnings

Use of holding company


Need for living

benefits protection

Disability plan - corporately or personally owned

Disability buy-out strategy

Critical illness protection – corporately or personally

owned split-dollar plan


Exit plan for business

Succession planning for sale

Estate freeze

Key person sale strategy

Holding company setup


These and many other problems a business owner may have can be solved by a comprehensive analysis and the application

of the appropriate solution for that set of circumstances. For a complete, no-obligation review, please call me at 250-668-8699

The information provided is general in nature, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for advice in any specific situation.
For specific situations, advice should be obtained from the appropriate legal, accounting, tax or other professional advisors.